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Ways things Grow

Ways Things Grow



Library of Congress

The Howard Theatre Trumpet

The Hope of Healing

The Hope of Healing was inspired by the belief that imagination and hope can transform lives. 
I often use light-bulbs in my work. Sometimes as a symbol of hope, sometimes of a greater power, always a symbol of the vast potential that everyone possesses.
When the opportunity came up to create a piece of art for the Aquilino Cancer Center I immediately thought of this imagery. The hand holding the light-bulb on a string has the feeling of a flower in bloom, or a floating balloon. Beautiful and uplifting things. But that it is a light-bulb floating in the sky on a cord, it defies logic. It is the power of belief overcoming physics. To add to this imagery I wanted to create a narrative in the work, something that felt transformational. The progression of a yellow light-bulb, to an orange light-bulb, to a symbol of healing- a red apple felt like a beautiful metaphor of the healing that will happen in this center. I wanted to create a piece that would inspire others and to help nurture the hope of healing.

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