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Ways Things Grow

Glass, Paint, Steel, 2 LED lamps on color cycles.

I was asked to create a pieces for a biennial sculpture invitational in Washington, DC while my wife was pregnant with our son. This piece is about that, and the cycle of life, in a loose way. The piece is a freestanding steel armature, inspired by street furniture like the metal boxes that control the street light timing. I wanted something of a monolith that was interrupted by glass and light. The panels tell the story of planting, of growth, and of harvesting. Instead of plants, I use electrical imagery- plugs, outlet, wires... the lightbulbs become the flowers. The grow is the literal growth of life. The growth is an emotional and internal growth. The piece has two internal color changing LEDs on different time sequences, which become more evident and brilliant at night. This was the prototype of new work that I would like to develop. Larger scale, the beginnings of more complex design.

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